About Us

Why Ashavan

We're dedicated to helping people live their best lives

Ashavan is an ancient Avestan word that roughly translates to "a righteous or just person." While there is no formula for a perfect human being, we want people all over the world to be healthier, wealthier, better educated, and more successful, and we strive to provide products and services to help them get there.

Our mission is to make the best choice the easiest one

Ashavan is fundamentally a company focused on choices. When a person or business makes better choices, they will achieve better results. We help our customers by clarifying the choices they must make, guiding them towards the optimal one for their circumstances, and making it as easy as possible to execute on that choice.

How We Serve You

We specialize in interoperability

Today, Ashavan concentrates on connecting disparate software systems and exchanging data between them. Technology has the power to get software applications talking to one another, but it often isn't easy or obvious how to do so. We aim to change that.

We live by our core qualities and core actions

We go beyond core values, because we don't think they are sufficient. Instead, our core qualities and core actions guide us every day. Much like adjectives and verbs in a sentence, our core qualities describe our work and our core actions inform how we work.

Chalkboard with core qualities of clarity, certainty, expertise, and ease written in a column on the left and core actions of listen, focus, excel, and finish written in a column on the right