What We Do

We're here to make integrations easier and faster for you

We help healthcare providers, payers, technology companies, and others navigate the disparate EHRs, limited standardization, and evolving regulations within healthcare technology. Learn more below about how we can make a difference.

Executive leadership

Interoperability is critical to the success of your organization, but do you have the bandwidth and expertise to manage it yourself? Call on us to shoulder that burden.

We can fit seamlessly into your team as a fractional Chief Interoperability Officer, defining and executing on your integration strategy. We have years of experience in guiding Product and Engineering teams, enabling success in sales, and maximizing the ease of implementations. We can also serve in customer-facing roles, such as assisting with calls and demos to ensure your prospects' questions are answered and your customers have full confidence in the interoperability of your solution.

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Project management

We are conductors of the orchestra who keep your team members and customers in harmony. We assist with all phases of an integration project, and our technical expertise in EHRs and interoperability best practices allows our implementation services to go beyond vanilla project management.

Whether you need support for a specific project or broader program management resources, we can ensure everyone is working together to meet your goals and produce beautiful music.

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Vendor certification

We support organizations of all sizes in tapping into the EHR marketplaces. We provide prescriptive guidance on adopting technical best practices, completing application questionnaires, preparing product demos, and addressing vendor feedback.

If you want to publish on the Epic App Market, Cerner Code App Gallery, Allscripts App Expo, or athenahealth Marketplace, let's discuss what it will cost, how long it will take, and how we can make the process quicker and smoother for you.

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Solution architecture

How can you obtain the data you need to satisfy your use case? Which integration method will be most scalable and cost-effective? And how can you maintain a user experience that is nimble and delightful?

We can make sense of all the options and design the most efficient and comprehensive answer to your integration puzzle, whether you're connecting to an EHR, a CRM such as Salesforce, or any other software.

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Integration development

Well-integrated software can be a huge boost to patient and provider satisfaction, but sometimes you need a helping hand to make it happen. We can build and maintain scalable integrations that allow you to reduce manual effort, eliminate double documentation, and automate tedious tasks. We have expertise in Mirth Connect, Jitterbit, and other interoperability platforms, allowing us to combine our subject matter expertise with hands-on technical skills.

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Education & best practices

Between FHIR, APIs, HL7, X12, TEFCA, USCDI, HIPAA, and more, there's a veritable alphabet soup within HIT. Successfully navigating the healthcare technology jungle requires a strong grasp of common interoperability methods and their pros and cons, the EHR landscape and the obstacles it presents, and the regulatory environment that is generating rapid change within the industry.

Lean on us to give your team a strong foundation of knowledge. Once they understand integrations well, they will design, build, and implement integrations well.

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Workflow & technology reviews

Integrations are only useful if they enhance, not detract from, the user's workflow.

To determine if your workflows are suitable for integrations, get in touch with us. We analyze the user experience from start to finish and recommend workflow enhancements or product tweaks to optimize the value of integrations. We can also advise your product and engineering teams to ensure their tech stack is up to the challenge, and we can recommend integration platforms and full-service integrators to lighten the development and maintenance burden for you.

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